Sources are the applications and databases you want to pull data from, such as Quickbooks, Stripe, Snowflake, PostgreSQL and more.
Sources are created for each read-enabled connection you allow in Operator. If you connect an application but Operator does not have read access, then it will not show up as a source. To create a new source, simply add a new connection.
Your data sources are refreshed daily, and when new connections are added the data is refreshed immediately. If you have any questions or requests on the frequency, please feel free to contact us.

Switching between source types

You can shift the type of source you want to look at in the top section where it says "Applications." Applications include all the different applications that you have integrated with Operator that are available as sources, including Quickbooks Online, Stripe, Expensify, and more.
Once you choose the type of source, you will see the left sidebar automatically populate with the available schemas and tables of data. These tables will be referenced in the query that you build. Notice how the tables changed as you switched the source type from Applications to Sales DB.
To learn how to reference your sources in the queries, click next 👉
Last modified 7mo ago